Rome, the Eternal City

Two nights in Rome. Not that much time to get know the Italian capital, but enough for my plans: walking through the streets, having a few good glasses of wine and recharging my batteries.


Travel guide junky without plans
Honestly, I am a travel guide junky and I love to plan my trips. But this time I decided to jump into the lifestyle of Rome, the Eternal city, without planning anything. I arrived to the city, did my check-in in the lovely hostel Hostella and stepped on the street without any schedule.

Still no plans
I walked by foot through the whole city, like I did the same in Barcelona, so I could soak in the metropolis. I was equipped with a city map, my camera and the curiosity to see Rome through the glasses of a city adventurer. On my first day I visited some of the most important sights just by walking around and passing them by accident. My second day started in the Vatican and one of the highlights was the district „Trastervere“. I felt in love with the small, romantic streets and squares. At night, I enjoyed the neighbourhood „Monti“ while tasting great Italian wine.



Unexpectedly, I had a nice night out
I met an inspiring woman from Costa Rica: Daniela. We spent quite a lot of time with each other. And Rome would not have been the same without her. We became friends because of a very similar life situation.

Daniela | © Ruperta M. Steinwender
Daniela recommends walking by foot to get to know Rome

What to do in Rome by Daniela
Daniela is an adventurous person who loves new travel experiences. Before starting a trip, she learns something about the destinations, because Daniela likes to plan her journeys well. She is a brave person, who does not worry about travelling on her own and making new experiences. In everyday life, she is a 27 year-old teacher in San José, Costa Rica.

Her recommendations for a trip to Rome:

  1. Walking by foot to get to know the city
  2. Visiting the Vatican and the cementery with all popes underneath the St. Stephen’s Cathedral
  3. Seeing the Trevi Fountain during the day and at night because of the different appearance and the surrounding
  4. Travel to places near to Rome like Assisi

Goditi il tempo! 

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